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Creating a culture of caring, without sharing

You’ve probably heard the saying “sharing is caring.” From a very young age, we ask our children to share things with peers or familiar adults. But what if we’ve been wrong this whole time? Here’s our take at SPL, and why it’ll help in social settings to stop forcing kids to share! Why Our Culture […]

An Investment In Your Child’s Growth

Why SPL is a private pay provider of therapeutic social groups. Choice as a Parent If your child has a delay or disability, you’ve gone through the myriad of systems that provide therapy. You’ve done medical insurance and state organizations and school districts. Maybe you’ve been happy or at least comfortable with what they’ve offered, […]

Why Spirited Play Labs has the BEST play space!

Regulating. Stimulating. Enriching. Motivating. We’re going to break down the why and how of our play space! Why did we create it the way we did, and how does your child benefit? Each section of our play space was created to build upon developmental milestones for ages 0-6, including; Gross Motor & Balance As your […]

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