Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure of Spirited Play Labs is right for your family? Let us answer some questions!

Playspace FAQ:

Can I stop by Spirited Play Labs anytime?

Families may join us for a first-time visit during specific hours which you can see when you Book Your 1st Visit. Outside of those hours, we ask that you are a Monthly Member or joining us for a Group Play Lab to enjoy our play space.

My child plays loudly, is disabled, or has behavioral concerns. I’ve struggled with feeling shamed and unwelcomed in other play spaces. How is SPL different?

We know what it’s like to have a sensory, medically, or behaviorally different child.  We intentionally created this space for children just like yours. Inclusion is our core philosophy. Every member of our staff is either a childhood development professional, or is in school to become one. We train all of our Support Staff on problem-solving +  de-escalation for when friction arises. We also have many locations around our 3,000 square foot center that allow you to find comfort during a meltdown, overstimulation, or episode before you get back to play.

Does my child have to be disabled to visit SPL?

Everyone is welcome, no matter their ability, race, sensory needs, or development. Please note that our play space was specifically built to be one of the safe spaces for children who have needs not met in other public children’s spaces. Many families come to SPL because they feel shamed, judged, or unwelcome at places like parks or busy play centers. There will be times you’ll meet families along the many spectrums of disability, development, those with autism, Down Syndrome, and beyond – who look, sound, act, and play in their own way!

My child was just recently diagnosed and I feel a little lost on who to talk to or where to go. Does SPL have resources for me?

We have one of the greatest resources parents like you could ever ask for: other parents. SPL offers the community and care that special needs parents desperately seek during their early days of diagnosis. Many of our Visitors and Members have been where you are today – their first diagnosis, their first IEP meeting, or their first time considering pediatric therapy. The companionship of special needs parents is something that has been lost over the years, and we’re here to foster those important relationships back to life with our inclusive open play, chats, and member events.

What are the rules of your play space?

In short: be kind! There is no wrong way to play here. Our centers and toys have no bounds or limits. Go up the slide, play with the toys your own way – your child can’t get into trouble here! We just ask that you be mindful of those around you. Safe play can look a lot of different ways so we are open to all of the authentic ways that children can have fun.

What is the best time to bring my child?

There are no hard rules in our space, but we have designed the schedule to give little bodies and big bodies their own ideal times! Our morning schedule is best for ages 0-3, as we have less bigger kids in attendance. Our later afternoon times are meant to be open to our after-therapy or after-school kiddos and is best for ages 3-6. Our evening times are ideal for ages 6-9.

Can I drop my child off to this play space?

We require parents supervise their their children when playing in our play space. We are not able to babysit or supervise your child without you present unless you take advantage of our Supervised Childcare Service for Members.

Must everyone take off shoes?

We ask that children and caregivers take off shoes before entering the play space. If this is difficult for your child, please notify the front desk for alternatives. Socks are not required.

Am I able to bring in food for my child?

Yes, food and drink are allowed in the Spirited Play Labs eating area and banquette. You can see our entire Play Space Tour here!

Membership FAQ:

Do I have to join the Membership to visit?

Most of our families book their First Visit with a drop-in play, then register as a monthly Member. We intentionally keep our numbers low to create a calm space for all. Our 1.5 hour play slots go quickly, so it’s recommended to join a Membership and book your play sessions in advance. Our members enjoy both our enriching open play sessions as well as several exclusive members-only perks which you can learn about here.

Is the membership a family membership or do I need a separate one for each of my two children?

Memberships include all members of the immediate family unit – no extra fees per child!

Play Labs FAQ:

My child is outside of the suggested age bracket for a Group Play Lab. Can I still sign up?

We are able to be flexible depending on the needs of your child. Please contact us to determine if your child can attend outside the suggested age range!

May we join a Play Lab even if we're not members?

Absolutely! Group Play Labs are separate from our monthly memberships. Families are able to sign up for Play Labs to get access to developmental groups and our inclusive play space.

What if the Play Lab sessions have already started?

Our groups can be pro-rated up to the third week; after that, we ask that you sign up for the next quarter’s group. We value the comfort that is built within a group over time and want to keep it feeling connected.

What is your Play Lab cancellation policy?

We cannot provide refunds for classes you do not attend, although we may allow a participant to attend a make-up class when available.

If you request a refund ten (10) days prior to the start of the first class, you will receive a refund in full.

Insurance FAQ:

Spirited Play Labs LLC is a private pay, optional service.

We are an out of network provider for group therapy, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, etc. While we can provide a superbill for any group your child attends, we never guarantee reimbursement from insurance. In addition, please check with your flexible spending account or health savings account (FSA/HSA) for reimbursement for therapeutic groups.

Why pay out of pocket for our groups?

Insurance is not a guarantee that your child’s services will be covered. It is a common misconception that insurance covers all therapies that a parent pursues. In addition to having a long approval process and being put on waitlists, insurance companies refuse to cover therapies they do not agree with based on very strict standards.

When using in-network providers, insurance companies mandate aspects of treatment. Many families have shared with us they feel their child’s treatment, while financially covered, hasn’t provided successful therapeutic intervention for their child. In-network therapy requires providers to spent 25% of their time documenting rather than working directly with your child. Lastly, even if your therapy is covered by insurance, please be aware that you may have a high copay or deductible before getting your child’s services covered.

When using Spirited Play Labs for out of pocket therapeutic groups, your child gains access to specialists who are not confined by the limits of insurance. They are able to directly address your family’s needs and focus on speciality topics that speak to your concerns as a parent. With a start and end date and no waiting list, your child can be seen by a therapist immediately. In addition, we have removed the costly barrier of initial intake testing. While we recognize the value of private therapy, we also understand the importance of immediacy when supporting your child with a delay or disability.

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