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Why SPL is a private pay provider of therapeutic social groups.

Choice as a Parent

If your child has a delay or disability, you’ve gone through the myriad of systems that provide therapy. You’ve done medical insurance and state organizations and school districts. Maybe you’ve been happy or at least comfortable with what they’ve offered, or maybe you’ve been disappointed. 

As a parent, what choices do you have when it comes to your child’s therapies? And why would some people pay privately for these choices? Let’s learn more about your options as a parent, and why Spirited Play Labs has chosen to be a private provider of therapeutic social groups.

We love Specialists!

When using Spirited Play Labs for out of pocket therapeutic groups, your child gains access to specialists who are not confined by the limits of insurance. They are able to directly address your family’s needs and focus on specialty topics that speak to your concerns as a parent. Many clinics or large organizations cannot direct you to specialists, and so many therapists see everyone who comes to them. SPL has pulled in the most specialized local providers in the area to address specific needs your child has.

We love DIR/Floortime!

Spirited Play Labs is a provider of DIR/Floortime as our primary therapeutic model. This model has not yet been approved as covered by insurance, similar to an ABA model. While it has been shown to have significant impact on children with autism or other developmental disabilities, it has not had the same amount of success legislatively as ABA has. We believe strongly in the importance of DIR/Floortime, and we recommend you learn more about it here:

We value your time.

With a start and end date and no waiting list for every social group, your child can be seen by a therapist quickly. In addition, we have removed the costly barrier of initial intake testing. While we recognize the value of intake testing, we also understand the importance of immediacy when supporting your child with a delay or disability.

Spirited Play Labs does not keep your child for lengthy periods of time; the philosophy of our groups is for parents to gain access to important information that allow them to advocate for their child in other settings. We have found the most successful therapy includes the community surrounding the child, rather than just the child themselves.

Did you know…?

Insurance is not a guarantee that your child’s services will be covered. It is a common misconception that insurance covers all therapies that a parent pursues. In addition to having a long approval process and being put on waitlists, insurance companies refuse to cover therapies they do not agree with based on very strict standards.

When using in-network providers, insurance companies mandate aspects of treatment. Many families have shared with us that they feel their child’s treatment, while financially covered, hasn’t provided successful therapeutic intervention for their child. In-network therapy requires providers to spend 25% of their time documenting rather than working directly with your child. Lastly, even if your therapy is covered by insurance, please be aware that you may have a high copay or deductible before getting your child’s services covered.

Now What?

If you believe in our model, we recommend you schedule an intake call to determine which group is the best fit! Please head here to schedule an intake call with owner and SLP Lindsay to get your child into one of our social groups.

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