Looking for an inclusive, child-led social play group for your child? Spirited Play Labs is now offering Social Connections!

Social Connections connect kids ages 2.5-7 years old with similar interests, energy levels, and communication styles for social learning + shared enjoyment. These 12-week sessions are created to help your child grow their social skills!

1 Hour Sessions

Includes facilitated play + parent education!


For 12 once-weekly sessions

Curated Groups

With similar peers!

1:3 Ratio

Including teachers and assistants

Social Connections Play Labs utilizes therapeutic interventions that are neurodiversity-affirming, child-led, play-based, and trauma-informed.

These 12-week sessions occur once a week and involve parent coaching for maximal learning & growth. We will practice turn-taking, problem solving with peers, collaboration, sharing ideas in play, and perspective taking.

Sessions include semi-structured activities in our group room led by an experienced specialist, followed by open play in our developmentally enriching play space.

This play group offers a small, more intimate setting where children explore social interaction. We will focus on self-regulation and co-regulation to build a good foundation for shared engagement and social interactions.

We will be learning how to identify/express our feelings and needs by using words, gestures and affect.

Your child will experience:

Frequently Asked Social Connections Questions

Why do I need to schedule an intake call before registering?

Social Connections is a curated group that helps connect peers together. The intake call makes sure that we have good connections for your child before you register! We’ll verify that you’re selecting the correct day based on your schedule and child’s needs. After your intake call, you can come back to this page for the official signup!

What is the commitment for Social Connections?

When you register it will be for a total of 12 once-weekly sessions, where you can choose the best weekly session for you. The sessions are paid in 3 monthly increments of $400.

What do I need to pack for my child at Social Connections?

Pack your child a snack and water, clothes they can get messy in, and any toileting items they may require.

Does my child have to be potty trained/independent?

Please note we cannot provide bathroom support to your child. We can take them to the restroom if they are independently using the bathroom.

Can I leave SPL while my child is attending Social Connections?

We ask that parents join us for all or part of the group to learn more about their child’s experience and how they can support them at home.

Can my child join if they are delayed or disabled?

All children – no matter their development – are welcome to join! Both parents and staff will be attendance to help overcome any roadblocks that peers may face during group time.

How many other children will be in the groups?

Our group is limited to 4-5 children, keeping it sensory-friendly. Since the focus of the group is socially connecting, we make sure that every child has a chance to be heard + understood.

Register for Social Connections