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Speciality Labs

To Support Your Child's Development

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AGES 3 - 5

Fun with Friends

Saturdays from 11:30-12:30pm


$720 for 6 sessions

The Benefits of our Fun With Friends Play Lab:

This group’s structure will be:

Join Alle, a Floortime-trained Therapeutic Support Specialist, in her exciting cooperative play group for Spirited Play Labs! This small, supportive group will utilize everyday activities to support skills around friendship building, emotional regulation, and self advocacy.

Kids and parents may at first feel apprehensive, especially if they are used to negative experiences within larger social spaces such as school. Fun With Friends provides a safe space to play and learn.

In Alle’s sessions with your child, she will use a variety of different techniques such as gestural communication, affect, and cueing to advance symbolic play, conversation, and other areas of relating. She expands on what already brings your child joy. This helps the child build on their capacity and their confidence to express their needs, desires, feelings, affects, and ideas. In addition, she offers both gross and fine motor activities that provide an assortment of opportunities to encourage sensory organization, emotional and physical regulation, motor control, and functional skills. Her work is individualized for your child.

In order to build on what’s taught in group, Alle asks that parents be involved in the session. If parents are unable to stay in the group, she will set aside time after each group to review parent training.

AGES 4 - 7

Relaxation for Kids

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15pm


$675 for 8 sessions

In this Play Lab, your child will learn to:

This Play Lab will include:

In this group, kids will collaborate with each other and Reiki Practitioner Lauren Massie to express their creative sides while creating their own sensory tools and learning regulation strategies.

This group is for kids who may be struggling with managing and communicating their emotions, as well as experiencing high energy who need tools and support in relaxation.

Kids will learn how and what tools can meet their needs, while expressing creativity and control over their specific projects! We will focus on learning and practicing self and co-regulation tools while spending time increasing positive, prosocial interactions.

Following structured creative activities, kids will have approx 10 min each of individual Reiki during free play.

Individual Reiki can be helpful for kiddos displaying aggressive behaviors as it can promote self, body and emotional awareness, support releasing anger and excess energy, decrease anxiety and increase relaxation.

Parents can stay outside the room while their child is in group. Parents will gain information after the group session on what strategies are supportive for calm and regulation.

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